Listen: NehruvianDOOM - "Caskets"

Check out the newest track "Caskets"  from Bishop Nehru and DOOM, off their forthcoming collaborative LP NEHRUVIANDOOM (October 6th on Lex Records).


Listen: The Derevolutions - "Mystery Fantasy"

The Derevolutions make some seriously infectious pop-songs with ease. Check out/download the ever-breezy "Mystery Fantasy", a track that comes and goes effortlessly, flowing and bouncing as much as possible within the short minute-and-a-half length. You can download their recently-released and slept on 2014 LP for free here.

Listen: Fortune - "Distance"


Listen: Litany - "Look"

The New Yorkshire-based duo Litany have released a new single in "Look", a delicately brooding, almost-simmering track that sits constantly on the edge of glorious eruption. This point is never quite reached, however; instead, the pair choose to produce a subdued and balanced soundscape that displays subtlety and anticipation all for the better. Check out/download "Look" for free below.