Listen: Sun Angels - United Kingdom EP

The consistently prolific Cascine releases another quick gem in recent signee Sun AngelsUnited Kingdom EP. The 3-track project is a quick flash of diverse electronic exploration, with shifting tempos and moods seamlessly traversed on each track. "Night Gym/Fight Music", for example, emits exotic, jungle-like rhythmic drums before suddenly progressing into an entirely unrecognizable mash of layered soaring synths. It's a refreshing spin on the climbing builds littered throughout today's electronic scene, and the oddly comforting skill set that the producer shows to posses invokes a feeling of satiability. And that's what we have in United Kingdom, a short-but-fulfilling release that serves as a promising introduction to the newly joined label member. Stream the release below/cop it here.


Listen: Black Coast - "TRNDSTTR (Lucian Remix)"

Lucian really sets it off on his rework of Black Coast's "TRNDSTTR". No, really. The NY-based producer makes quick work of a vocally led rise before completely flipping the track on us; blaring, intermittent synths hit out of nowhere with an in-your-face intensity that literally dropped our jaws. As if to pick up the pieces, the artist rides out a bouncing beat with a vibrant confidence that handedly brings listeners back down to earth. All of this is done with a tangible ease, as it's clear that Lucian possesses the skill to do this on the regular. Check it out below/download here.


Listen: J Tropic x Alyss - "September (cover)"

A lot of skepticism can accompany any Earth, Wind & Fire cover, let alone the instantly recognizable melody of "September", but J Tropic and Alyss handle the ubiquitous tune with such fervent care that it takes a moment to fully realize this is the same inescapable song we've been subjected to for the past few decades. This alone should merit appreciation, as the two supplant a stand-alone rework with budding synths and smooth tones that encourage a reinvigorated interaction with the familiar cut. We can't say this was unexpected, though, as the singer-producer collaboration has already yielded two stunning showcases of R&B-meets-slick production ("Who U Are"/"Love Up"). With their "September" cover, both artists further establish themselves as promising new creatives we need to keep an eye on.

Listen: Alex Burey - "Inside World"

There's a quiet air of reflection in South London-based singer/songwriter Alex Burey's modest sound that can be likened to all the redeemable qualities of the always-soft King Krule: it's dense, contains an understated inhabitance of nostalgia, and often prefers to accomplish more with what's not said. As such, "Inside World" is an exemplary output of human warmth, as Burey emits restraint honesty that enshrouds listeners with an aura of invading comfort. While it's hard not to conjure up images of empty city streets and lonely late-nights fraught with aimless wanderings, these accompanying visuals come without alarm. The single revels in its self-introspection, and let's us know that sometimes it's okay finding solace in isolation. This is tranquility at its finest. The track will be on the upcoming Inside World EP come January 15th via Burey's own Pling Recordings.

Watch: Headrooms - "Pillow Talk"

Amsterdam-based producer Headrooms pairs dizzying visuals with his vibrant single "Pillow Talk", a blur of sonically plush tones that constantly sit on the edge of blowing over in exuberant fashion. Instead, the artist adopts a restraint-albeit-spinning style that consistently engages throughout. The track is off the Pillow Talk/Silly Chats 7" via Groove College. [Visuals by Gregmack]


Listen: Flamingosis x A Sol Mechanic - Brother EP

Producers Flamingosis and A Sol Mechanic team up on the 4-track Brother EP, a promising deluge of mid-tempo nostalgia that's an entirely encompassing, gracefully breezy trip. The two both effortlessly inhibit future-funk synths and tones that surround listeners within a veil of pure bliss, showing a wholly welcomed natural pairing. What results is a finely crafted collection of tunes that flow, spin, and encapsulate with an ease that encourages kicking back and letting the vibes completely take you. Stream the full EP below and download it via name-your-price here.


Listen: Andreya Triana - "The Best Is Yet To Come (Lapalux Remix)"

[Lapalux reworks Andreya Triana for her Everything You Never Had Pt. II EP]